Why care?

Phishing's widespread effect

Successful phishing scams can have a devastating impact. Even phishing attacks that target an organization or company affect the individuals who work for that organization, or customers and partners of that organization.

Take these headline-grabbing stories from recent years, for example:

Emails disguised as Google Docs invites used to get login detailsMillions were affected when phishers sent fake emails with a link that took users to a malicious app designed to steal account details. Read more on this story from WIRED >>

Chipotle staff received phishing emails with malware targeting credit cardsCyber-criminals sent emails to employees containing malware used to obtain credit card data of restaurant goers. Read more on this story from Fortune.com >>

Scam targeted users during U.S. tax season requiring personal informationPhishing attacks targeting W-2s in 2017 are estimated to have compromised more than 120,000 people at 100 organizations. Read more on these attacks on the IRS.gov website >> 

These are JUST A FEW of the many attacks that have compromised companies and everyday users.

Still, it can be hard to connect the facts to our own day-to-day lives, until a phishing attack directly affects us.

Phishing & you

To understand why we should devote the time to protect ourselves, we need to understand what could happen if we fall victim—and why it can be easy to get tricked if we aren't vigilant.