Report a Phish

Why reporting matters

When you report a phishing attempt, you accomplish two critical tasks:

  • Helping the proper authorities catch and bring phishers to justice
  • Protecting your community from being victims of the same phishing attack

That's why it is critical not to just recognize and rethink—but also to report

At IU, once a reported phish is analyzed and confirmed, our policy and security teams can take steps to protect everyone else on the IU network.

When you report suspected phishing emails correctly through the provided IU channels, you help IU mitigate attacks early and efficiently.

How to report 

There are different ways to report a phish, depending on what it's targeting and what tools you have to report it. The following instructions from the IU Knowledge Base provide more details.

Report phishing attempts

  • If the phishing attempt targets IU in any way (for example, it asks for those using IU Exchange to "verify their accounts", includes a malicious PDF directed to university human resources, or impersonates IU or UITS), you have two options for reporting it:
    The UISO (University Information Security Office) can take action only if the message asks for IU account credentials or originated from within IU. All other spam should be reported to the appropriate authority below. If the message did originate from within IU, see If you receive spam.
  • You can report a phishing scam attempt to the company that is being spoofed.
  • You can also send reports to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Depending on where you live, some local authorities also accept phishing scam reports.
  • Finally, you can send details to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, which is building a database of common scams to which people can refer.

For more about phishing scams, see Email and Phishing Scams.

Before you can report, you have to recognize.

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