Beware the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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>> Hold on. I would rethink this one. If you have not verified the sender, do not click on links in emails at all. If the email refers to a known website, type that website address into a new browser window instead to verify its authenticity. Even for trusted contacts and emails, it's a good idea to hover over the link first without clicking on it. This should reveal a small popup with the actual destination URL. Only click if you trust that revealed URL completely. This email is definitely a phish. So, think before you click. There are even more ways to recognize a wolf in sheep's clothing, but not clicking any links from unknown senders is a good step. Find more tips to recognize, rethink, and report on

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Think before you click—Quick steps

1. Recognize

Verify the sender is who you think it is.

How: Double-click or tap the sender’s name at the top of the email to view the real email address. (In Gmail, hover without clicking.) 

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2. Rethink

If you can't verify the sender, do not click at all.

How: If the email refers to a known website, type that website address into a new browser window instead and check for information there. 

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3. Report

Suspect it's a phish? Send the alert.

How: Contact your campus UITS Support Center for help on how to report it. 

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